Below are RPG tools and resources that have helped me play and GM role-playing games. If you are a noobie or a veteran gamemaster, there is something here for you.

Some of the links are affiliates, which means I receive a commission if you buy a product. Don't worry. The price is not higher because of that. Every commission helps me to produce more RPG content.

Check out my ever-growing list of free 1D100 random tables.

DriveThruRPG Store for RPG Tools

Please visit my store on DriveThruRPG. It is where you can find all my role-playing game creations, RPG tools, gamemaster guides, and random 1D100 tables. More are coming, so stay tuned!

42 Polyhedral Dice In 6 Complete Sets With Bag

RPG Tools and Dice

Every Roleplayer needs dice. A lots of dice.

105 Polyhedral Dice Sets Sets With Carrying Bag

RPG Dice

Dice are the life's blood of RPGs.

KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding

Learn to build your own worlds.

RPG Story

Understanding RPG Storytelling.

RPG sessions

Develop your improv skills.

Role-Playing Game SRDs

SRD stands for System Reference Document. They are the rules of a role-playing game released either under the Open Game License or Creative Commons. Below are links to popular RPG SRDs.

Character Sheets

D6 Star Wars

Star Wars D6 Random Search Table - I created this 1D100 chart because my players wanted to loot everything. It's mainly geared for a warehouse space.

The Systems of Grand Moff Havacal Varro - Twelve star systems I created for epic Jedi campaign I GMed. Feel free to use them however you wish.

OpenD6 Free PDFs

I gathered all the main OpenD6 PDFs on to this page. The system is free and released under the Open Game License. Eight free PDFs of rules, equipment, creatures and much more. 

Stars Without Number

Here are some new backgrounds and training packages I created: Stars Without Number Custom Backgrounds.

Thirty-six Dramatic Situations

Georges Polti broke all drama into 36 situations. Use the list to make sure your RPG campaigns have enough drama to hook your players. See the entire list here.

Fantasy Office Random 1D100 Search Chart

I was imagining the office of a pretty bureaucrat or possibly a town major in a fantasy setting. This loot chart provides items that can lead to story hooks and others that are simply a bit of treasure. 

RPG T-Shirts and Other Role-playing Game Gear

I designed some RPG-themed t-shirts with original sayings. Show your spirit at the gaming table. Also, I picked out some shirts from other designers. Here's the RPG t-shirt page on dicegeeks. I'll be adding more designs.

109 Sci-Fi Pulp Book Covers

My collection of book covers from the pulp era. Amazing and fantastic art awaits! 

35 RPG Campaign Seeds

A list of random ideas I think would make great RPG campaigns or adventures.

Classic Reprints

I have started reprinting classic books that I feel deserve to be in print.

The Art of Star Frontiers

Star Frontiers is a classic TSR role-playing game. As a child, I spent hours looking at artwork dreaming of others worlds. I've gathers some of the Star Frontiers artwork on this page.

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