Gamemaster Guides & RPG Resources

I am creating role-playing games and gamemaster resources. Available are terrain guides, random 1D100 tables, campaigns settings and more. Most are free!

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Role-Playing Games, Gamemaster Guides, and Campaign Settings

Here are some of my gamemaster guides, RPGs, and campaign settings. I have more available and more on the way.

Realms of Understreet

Realms of Understreet

An original campaign setting for 5e.

Anarchy RPG

Anarchy: An Opend6 RPG

Head into the wasteland in this post-apocalyptic supplement for the OpenD6 system.

sword and planet

Sword and Planet: Campaign Guide

An introduction to the Sword & Planet genre for game masters.

Forests Gamemaster guide

Forests: A GM Guide

This is by far my most popular GM guide. It helps game masters create memorable forest landscapes.

RPG Dungeon maps

Dungeons for the Master

177 hand-drawn dungeon maps and a massive 1D100 dungeon encouters table.

RPG swamp guide

Wetlands: Swamps, Marshes, Bogs, and Fens

Gamematers use the landscape to create scenes your players will never forget.

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RPG T-Shirts

I’m creating even more RPG stuff! Check out my t-shirts. More designs will be added regularly so check back often.

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Free Random 1D100 Tables

Random tables help gamemasters add detail to locations and encounters quickly. These are only a few of the ones I have created. Also, they are all free to download as PDFs. Never have a pause in the action, keep your players engaged. Click here for all of the 1D100 random tables I have created to date.

Alchemical Tools & Ingredients

Alchemical Tools & Ingredients – My most popular random table! Grab it now.

Medicinal Herbs

Items in a Cottage

Items in a Wizard’s Chamber

Items in a Wizard’s Chamber – My highest-rated random table! Get it today for free.

Port Master’s Office


Potion Ingredients

Potion Ingredients– My most random random table, if that makes sense.

Fantasy Rumors & Odd Jobs

Fantasy Catastrophes

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