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Free 1D100 Random Tables

When I run a tabletop RPG, I love to use 1D100 random tables. In fact, I never have enough of them. It seems like every session I GM I wish I had more random tables.

Random tables save tons of Gamemaster prep time. As a teenager or even a twenty something, I could spend a lot time preparing for RPG sessions. Now, with a family, a demanding day job and publishing RPGs on the side, I simply do not have the time.

That’s where random tables come in. Need a side quest? Just roll. Need a new planet? Just roll. Need loot items? Just roll. Or, better have your players roll.

Random tables also help me be a better GM. Since the encounter or event was just generated randomly at the table, there is no temptation to settle on a preferred outcome. This helps me avoid GM pitfalls.

Listed here are all the random tables I have created. I will be continually updating this page as needed. All the 1D100 tables are free and most have PDFs available for download. Enjoy!