Realms of Understreet RPG

Realms of Understreet – 5e Campaign Setting

Fantasy Kingdoms of Rats Living and Warring beneath Manhattan

Tooth and Claw – Sword and Scabbard – Magic and Myth – These are not your average rats.

What people said about the introductory PDF:

"Just genius. I don't think I could ever express just how amazing this is. I would give this a 20 out of 5 [stars] if I could..." - James B. - Five Star Review

"The guy knows how to world-build." - Andrew N. - Five Star Review

"Highly creative and evocative of much of the fiction I remember reading as a child. The author has done a wonderful job..." - Thomas A. - Five Star Review

"Loved the concept. Can't wait to see what comes next..." - Jesse R. - Five Star Review 

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Realms of Understreet RPGKings and nobles vie for power in a swirling labyrinth of political intrigue. Warriors and wizards battle for treasure, knowledge, and adventure. Peasants and farmers eke out an existence.

Scavenge through items discarded by fearsome giants to fashion clothes, weapons, armor, and homes.

This PDF is a taste of the D&D OGL 5e campaign setting, Realms of Understreet. Your players take on roles of rats, mice, and other creatures living in the sewers of Manhattan Island.

The PDF contains:

  • Capsule histories for each kingdom
  • Details for races and cultures
  • A map of the "Understreet"
  • Original character backgrounds
  • Numerous scavenge tables
  • Adventure ideas and story hooks
  • Important NPCs
  • Creature stats
  • Original artwork
  • And more!

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