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Tabletop RPG Blogs: A List of 156 Awesome Blogs

tabletop rpg blogsIncredible things are happening on tabletop RPG blogs these days. Diverse opinions, gamemaster tips, homebrew rules, maps, and amazing artwork are all just a few clicks away.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a hobby so passionately enjoyed has produced a ton of high-quality blogs. I’ve collected a list here of some gems.

Tabletop RPG Blog List

My Top Five RPG Blogs

I’m starting off with blogs that are truly excellent. These are the blogs I check every chance I get.

Dyson’s Dodecahedron

Great info on games and some random tables, but the maps! Beautiful maps of various fantasy locations are the feature of this blog. Mainly, OSR games and content for fantasy RPG settings.

Roleplaying Tips

Seriously, it is hard to imagine how one person can produce so many useful gamemaster tips. The blog focuses on fantasy settings, mainly D&D. However, most of the content and tips can be adapted for a variety RPGs and settings. Join his email list, you won’t regret it.

Ars Ludi

Ben Robbin’s blog is mainly about RPGs of his own creation. Fortunately, his games are amazing. He also has some great articles and content about GM-less games. If you do not own his RPG, Microscope, get it now.

Campaign Mastery

The length and the depth of the articles here is outstanding. Mainly, D&D and Pathfinder with tons of GM tips and game philosophy.

Questing Beast

Simply amazing fantasy maps and resources. Excellent video reviews of RPGs. All from the creator of Maze Rats.

Other Great RPG Blogs

I’m still looking into these blogs. Some I just discovered or were suggested on Reddit r/rpg. The sheer amount of roleplaying game material is nearly overwhelming.

The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms

This blog focus on D&D with a few other RPGs thrown in for good measure. Some very nice articles. Appears to be other infrequently updated.

Adam Jury

Adam covers a wide variety of role-playing game topics, including publishing, the Open Game Licence, and more.

Age of Ravens

Gameplay reviews on a wide array of systems including, Feng Shui 2, GUMSHOE, and many others.


Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 material mainly. It hasn’t been updated in quite awhile.

All Watched Over by Insane Machines in Space

D&D custom classes and other articles. Updated infrequently.

Big Ball of No Fun

Hasn’t been updated in a couple years but there are loads of articles geared to fantasy settings.

I’ll See It When I Believe It

Incredible isometric dungeon maps and adventures. All geared to generic fantasy settings.

Blog of Holding

Random tables and truckloads of D&D articles.

About Bruce Heard and New Stories

A former TSR D&D writer now kickstarting his own RPG projects.

The Chromatic Cauldron

Original stats, session recaps, and system reviews. Very nice content updated regularly.

Cooking with Charles

Covers a wide swath of topics from food to RPGs. Hasn’t been updated in a few years.

Corruption Points

Memes, funny RPG culture references, and GM prep tips.

The Cuticle Chewer’s & Well-Pisser’s Fantasy Report

It’s a strange world, my friends. Comments on a variety of systems, mainly fantasy settings with some Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

D20 Despot

Quite good OGL Pathfinder content. Tons of it.

The Daily Bestiary

A Pathfinder beast is profiled nearly every day.

Dice & Dungeoneering

D&D 3.5 and Dungeon World articles. Hasn’t been updated in a couple years.

Dice Monkey

A very slick site with many articles, actual plays, and more. There’s a lot of fantasy and D&D, but some Star Wars D6 and more.

DM Bullets

Dungeon World, Mouse Guard, and D&D 5E. Looks to be updated infrequently.

DnD Hackers Guild

D&D and Low Fantasy Gaming articles. It may be dead.

Dreams in the Lich House

Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, fantasy, and horror RPG articles. Very high quality.

Dungeon Elementary

RPGs with elementary school kids and professional GMing stories.

Dungeon of Signs

A great collection of articles, tables, game theory, and art. Appears to be mainly D&D with some Spelljammer. Updated regularly.

Dungeon’s Master

Fine articles for D&D players and gamemasters. Hasn’t been updated in a while.


D&D articles and short stories plus other goodies.

Elfmaids and Octopi

Self-described, “slightly nasty old school gaming blog.” You’ve been warned…

Expanding Universe

A rare sci-fi focused blog. Traveller and Glorantha seem to be favorite topics.

False Machine

D&D and fantasy themed articles. Plus some handy random generators.

Games with Others

Monsterparts, D&D, LotFP, plus other fantasy RPGs. Hasn’t been updated in a couple of years.

Gloom Train

Mostly D&D 5E articles with stats and homebrew rules.

Goblin Punch

A well-written top-notch tabletop RPG blog. D&D and fantasy focused.


One of the homes of the Wormskin RPG zine and Dolmenwood setting. Lots of OSR related material.


An OSR mecca with lots of articles. However, it hasn’t been updated in five years or so.

Hack & Slash

An amazing collection of RPG articles, charts, tables, NPCs, and thoughts on game theory. Very active.

Harbinger of Doom

Loads of original D&D 5E content.

Hill Cantons

The interwebs home of the Hydra Cooperative. Fun articles spanning fantasy and sci-fi. Plus incredible original adventures and RPG settings. Do yourself a favor, check this out!

Iron Tavern

Dungeon Crawl Classics actual play podcast, maps, and other tidbits. No updates since 2015.

Jeff’s Gameblog

OSR, a variety of fantasy systems, and RPG news articles.

Look, Robot

Interesting stories, advice, and tips covering a wide range of gaming topics.

Love the Labyrinth

Numenera, but doesn’t seem to be active any longer.


The blog of the creator of Apocalypse World and other innovative role-playing games.

Land of Nod

RPG magazine, original games, OGL free content, and more. Excellent.


Long, thought-provoking articles drenched in history focused on fantasy settings. Hasn’t been updated in years.

Monsters and Manuals

The description from this outstanding site: “Propounding my half-baked ideas on role-playing games. Jotting down and elaborating on ideas for campaigns, missions, and adventures. Talking about general industry-related matters. Putting a new twist on gaming.”

Insert Witty RPG-themed Title Here

Session reports, short reviews, and comments on many systems. Not active.


Former D&D and Pathfinder writer Dave Noonan’s blog. The blog is no longer being updated. Noonan is one of the founders of Sasquatch Game Studio.

People Them with Monsters

Tons of D&D and Gamma World charts, tables, and articles.

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer

A diverse range of topics and systems, like Fantasy AGE, Fragged Empire, and more.

Planet Algol

From the site description: “Old school pulp sword, saucer and sorcery adventures in universes of weird science fantasy.” Hasn’t been updated since 2015.


This tabletop RPG blog compares RPGs to video games. Some nice content, though it’s quite dead.

Ranger Games Publishing

The blog and site of an independent RPG publisher. Their game is Dice & Glory.

Some Space to Think

Storytelling tips and tricks. The blogger is now active at The Walking Mind (below).

Telecanter’s Receding Rules

Creatures, treasure, random tables, public domain art, and thoughts on dungeon design. It may be dead, but there’s some great stuff here.

I Don’t Remember that Move

Crazy random tables and articles.

Bum Rush the Titan

Tables and charts. Mainly D&D and Break. Doesn’t appear to be active any longer.

Rise Up Comus

Random tables and charts. Some great halfling material.

Role, Rules, & Rolls

Lots of tools for adventures and campaigns. Dormant, if not dead.

The Dungeon Dozen

Random tables and original products. D&D focused.

RPG Stuff

From the description: “A blog about role-playing games, actual plays, tips, and tricks.” Mainly focuses on Fate Core. Very active.

Technical Grimoire

Original RPGs, reviews, and the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

Shipwreck Library

Deadlands and Call of Cthulhu. Ran by an avid blogger who is promising to re-post old material for various RPGs.

Into the Odd

The company behind Into the Odd. Tips, tricks, and rules for Into the Odd.

From the Sorcerer’s Skull

Tons of articles on RPGs, strange fantasy, and sci-fi with some original games. Seems to be from the same hive-mind as the Hydra Cooperative above.

The Sword and Torch Inn

RPG tips, tricks, and stories. Plus the blog is written by the creator of the official My Little Pony: Role-Playing Game, I kid you not.

Swords & Stitchery

From the blog description: “A blog about sewing machine repairs, but mainly my hobbies which include old school role-playing games, science fiction, films, horror, and general geekery.” Tons of articles on RPGs, classic sci-fi, and sword and planet.

The Tao of D&D

D&D, AD&D, homebrew rules, and maps.

Ten Foot Polemic

Random tables and dungeon master tips, mainly for fantasy like D&D.

The Alexandrian

Quality essays on a variety of topics like, D&D: Calibrating Your Expectations, Three Clue Rule, Node-Based Scenario Design, and Don’t Prep Plots.

The Angry GM

Tons of in-depth articles on a wide range of topics. Not to be missed.

The Metal Earth

Crazy sci-fi info and creatures.

The Onyx Path

A tabletop RPG company blog that provides updates on their products like, Pugmire, Chronicles of Darkness, and Cavaliers of Mars.

The RPG Academy

Loads and loads of cool podcasts and articles, mainly D&D, but some others are thrown in for good measure.

The Three H’s of Gaming

Lots of fantasy articles focused on D&D with some Spelljammer. Not very active.

The General’s Tent

Fantasy and science fiction wargaming and miniatures with painting techniques and more.

Unpossible Journeys

Info on learning how to play tabletop RPGs. Plus resources, podcasts on a lot of systems.

Walking Mind

Written by the co-founder of Evil Hat Productions. Tons of 7th Sea articles.

Wandering Gamist

Interesting articles on fantasy and science fiction RPG topics. Very detailed.

War Beneath the Earth

From the blog description: “Roleplaying advice, reviews, and observations, mostly on the world’s most popular RPG and its derivatives.”


Generic RPG articles with some other nerdy stuff.

What Would Conan Do?

The home of “UK’s oldest” RPG magazine, Undercroft. Plus an original RPG called Troika!

Wild Magic Gaming

RPG stories and crazy artwork.

Sly Flourish

Tons of Dungeons and Dragons material and tips. Several great original products as well.

Death Cookie

Massive amounts of gaming articles on a variety of topics and original RPG products. Plus some cool random generators.

Department V

From the blog’s description, “Blogging about roleplaying games, martial arts, fiction and gin.” Sounds legit…

Dungeons & Drawings

Two professional artists re-imagining D&D creatures. Outstanding.

Frugal GM

Great articles with a fantasy focus and tons (I mean TONS) of cheap or free gamemaster resources.

Geek Native

An awesome constantly updated role-playing game news site.

Gnome Stew

A simply incredible tabletop RPG site with articles on nearly every conceivable topic related to role-playing games.

Indie RPGs Articles

A collection of RPG articles from the early 2000’s.

In My Campaign

Fantasy-focused articles and random tables. Truly excellent. Also, a detailed rundown of ProFantasy mapping software.

Knights of the Dinner Table

RPG web-comic and original role-playing games.

Last Gasp Grimoire

From the description, “Art, Smut, and Role-playing.” Crazy amount of RPG articles, creatures, and generators. Looks like the site may be going away.

The Mad Adventurers Society Archive

Lots of RPG material mainly fantasy. As of January 2016, the site has been shut down.

Moebius Adventures

D&D 5E content plus a wide range of original RPG products.


OSR-focused fantasy RPG articles and more.

Paper & Pencils

Fantasy-themed original content and excellent 1D100 random tables.

Rolang’s Creeping Doom

Lots of fantasy-related house rules and material. Not very active.

RPG Alchemy

Quality articles on various RPG rule systems.

RPG Bloggers

A blog network for RPG bloggers. New posts aggregated on the homepage.

Salt in Wounds

A blog dedicated to an original campaign setting for D&D 5E and Pathfinder.

Stargazer’s World

RPG news, advice and much more. The material covers a wide range of systems including, Traveller, Savage Worlds, and many more.

Sword Paddler

The site of RPG map-maker Cecil Howe. Needless to say, there are awesome maps. Read my interview with Cecil here.

Tenkar’s Tavern

Reviews, Q&A’s, live streams, Kickstarter profiles, and tons more. Fantasy/D&D oriented mainly.

Total GM Kills

Original content for Dungeon Crawl Classics and more.


An RPG publishing company with lots of articles and products. Outstanding.

19th Level

Thoughtful reviews of RPG rule systems and articles about geek culture. A variety of genres and topics are covered.


Serious thoughts on game mechanics and consulting services offered.

Atomic Robot Lounge

Geek culture, RPGs, and more. Hasn’t been updated in a few years.

Deeper in the Game

Role-playing games and gaming culture with lots of resources on theory to dungeon design. Very active.

Big D20 Games

Seems to be session recaps. Mostly fantasy.

Choice and Chance Gaming

“GM Workshop” posts with advice on an impressive array of systems.

Low Fantasy Gaming

Dedicated to a low magic, free RPG called (wait for it) Low Fantasy Gaming. You can download the PDF and read articles about the system.

Never Engine

A massive collection of free random tables, both sci-fi, and fantasy.


From the description: “A game master’s quest to perfect his craft.” Original articles and re-posted articles from other RPG sources.

Wielding a Bohemian Ear Spoon

Weird web-comics and D&D.

Save vs. Weekend

Encounters, art, campaign ideas mostly for D&D 5e.

Swords & Stationery

GM advice, game reviews, and session recaps. Excellent.

The Hydra GM

Interesting GM advice articles. No updates in years.

Wednesday Night Game

Very active actual play podcast. Dungeon World, Burning Wheel, and more.

Monster Manual Sewn from Pants

Lots of monsters. Regular updates.

Ten Foot Pole

No holds barred reviews of adventures and RPG products.

Playing with Electrons to Make Stories

OSR and more. Regular updates.

Wonders and Weirders

From the description: “A blog for my tabletop RPG and weird fiction ideas, discussion on said topics, and other things.”

Save vs. Total Party Kill

This blog is focused on D&D. Lots of articles and fresh content.

Zadmar’s Savage Stuff

Savage Worlds supplements and adventures. Very cool!

Alex Schroeder RPG

One man’s tabletop RPG journal.

Savage Everything!

Tons of Savage Worlds material.

Savage Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe recreated in Savage Worlds. Yes, I just said that.

DnD Elevator Pitches

A place where you can submit your ideas for characters and campaigns.

Living Dice

RPG news. Hasn’t been updated recently.

Shadowrun: Seattle in Tokyo

The online journal of a monthly Shadowrun campaign.

The Northern Realm

An original tabletop RPG and the record of an ongoing campaign using it. Oh, the game is free and gorgeous.

The Zhodani Base

Sci-fi focused. Tons of free PDFs and cool space sector generators.

Strolen’s Citadel

A role-playing community where you can post RPG content.

Eric Vulgaris

Thoughts on geek culture and RPG play reports.

Critical Hits

A treasure hoard of RPG reviews, podcasts and more from some big names in the tabletop RPG industry.

Imaginary Adventures

A dice retailer that offers gameplay advice on their blog.

Straits of Anian

Hasn’t been updated since 2014.

Against the Wicked City

I’ll just leave this here: “Romantic clockpunk fantasy OSR gaming in a vaguely Central Asian setting. May feature killer robots.”


A large collection of articles that span topics from GM advice to historical info to RPG culture.

Legacy of the Bieth

Another blog from the minds behind the Hydra Cooperative. Lots of interesting gaming articles.

Delta’s DnD Hotspot

Very detailed articles on the history and evolution of D&D.

Wizard Thief Fighter

A site dedicated to the creation of a game called Ultraviolet Grasslands. It is described as “a psychedelic metal RPG sandbox.”

Dwarves in a Trenchcoat

A small RPG press. Lots of resources and booklets. Hasn’t been updated in a while.

The Dread Gazebo

An RPG news site with reviews, podcasts and more. If you don’t know where the name of the site comes from, check this out.

Loot the Room

Maps, treasure, and more. Absolutely top notch.

Kosmic Dungeon

So many dungeon maps!

Zardoz the Magnificent’s Dungeons and/or Dragons Super Show!

Many articles about GMing and other RPG topics. Mainly D&D, but is content for others games as well.

Cayzle’s Wemic Site

Oh, the Internet… Many posts and articles about, you guessed it, the wemic.

Playing at the World

The blog of RPG historian and author Jon Petersen.

Molten Sulfur Blog

From the description: “Nuggets for RPGs from fact and folklore. Updates Tuesdays.”

Old School Roleplaying

Advice and new content for D&D.

Boccob’s Blessed Blog

D&D reviews and thoughts.

Ongoing Tabletop RPG Blog Project

It was a blast checking out all of these blogs. I’m going to give a number a deeper once over soon. Plus I found a few new blogs that may become favorites.

Did I skip your favorite tabltop RPG blog? I want to keep adding RPG blogs to this list. Please let me know of any good ones I missed. Feel free to email me at matt [at]